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To be healthy in captivity, Horned Lizards need adequate space, a friendly environment, and the right kind of foods including live Harvester Ants. Harvester ants are the staple food source for most types of Horned Lizards. They provide formic acid - a necessary nutrient for horned lizards. A typical lizard may eat from 20 - 100 harvester ants a day. However, most pet stores do not supply ants as a food source for these animals.
Life Studies has been supplying Horned Lizard owners with harvester ants for several years now. Our prices and quality are unmatched. We ship large quantities of ants and provide Care Instructions and support on how to store and care for them. We can supply you with the ants your pet needs. Order online or contact our office to set up a system that works for you and your pet(s). Prices, Shipping, and Ordering information below:
Note: Not all Horned Lizards eat Harvester ants. If your lizard comes from a high elevation area like Colorado, Wyoming, Utah mountains, or if it is young it may not eat harvester ants. Please read our Care Instructions for more information.

Order Quantity Price/ant
500 ants or more $0.02
For example, an order of 500 ants would be $10.00 + Shipping & Handling

Note: During extreme heat or cold weather conditions, it is best to arrange for shipment to an address where the ants will be delivered inside or to a post office box. If possible please use an address of this type to help minimize loss of ants in shipment.

Be sure to read our Care Instructions before ordering.

Caution!  Harvester ants can sting.  Adult Supervision Required. 

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# of Ants Price Order Button
500 Ants $10.00
1000 Ants $20.00

To order by Phone or Fax contact Life Studies at:
Life Studies Toll Free Phone#: 1-877-864-2207
490 S. 400 W. Email Address: life@infowest.com
Hurricane, UT 84737 Fax#: 1-435-635-9005

For additional help visit the Horned Lizard Forum where you can ask questions and communicate with other horned lizard enthusiats.

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