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For over 100 million years ants have inhabited our planet. They can be found almost everywhere. There are about 22,000 species estimated to live on Earth.

Communication: Ants can communicate with chemicals called pheromones. They can also communicate by sound and touch.

Housing: Different types of ants will build different types of nests. Not all ants build nests. Some ants move from place to place and don't settle down for long. An ant nest may be built in sand/soil, in a tree, or in a dwelling or other location.

Sociology: Ants work together for the good of the colony. In some species there are different types of ants to do different types of jobs.

Anatomy: An ant's body is divided into 3 main sections. The head is where the eyes, antennae, and mandibles are located. The middle section is where all 6 legs are attached. The back end of the ant is called the Metasoma. It contains organs and may have a stinger.

Organs: Ants don't have lungs or a heart. Air enters through the exoskeleton. A tube that runs the length of the ant acts kind of like a heart and moves fluid.

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Ant Observation at Home

You can observe ants at home. You can purchase a Live Ant Habitat on our site and some Live Ants and watch them work. Ants are amazing!


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