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Rock & Mineral Collection
rocks, minerals, collection

This remarkable collection contains 20 different rocks and minerals including Limestone, Obsidian, Pumice, Sulfur, a Fool's Gold nugget, and 15 more unique specimens! To see a larger photo and find out more about this amazing collection go to ourRock & Mineral Collection page.

Item#: RC            Price: $11.95

fossils collection Fossil Collection
This fine collection contains 12 unique Fossil Specimens including a Trilobite, Fossil Shark Tooth, Petrified Wood, and a real piece of Dinosaur Bone! To see a larger photo and find out more about this great educational collection go to ourFossil Collection page.
Item#: FC Price: $11.95

Find out how fossils are formed - visit our How are fossils formed? page.
gems, gem stones, collection Gem Stone Collection
A very beautiful collection of 15 authentic gem stone specimens including Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Turitella, and 11 more. To see a larger photo and find out more about the Gem collection go to ourGem stones page. 

           Item # GC             Price $11.95

Earth Science Mega Collection rocks, fossils, minerals, gems, collection
Get all three of Life Studies' great collections of Fossils, Rocks & Minerals, and Gems at a better price. This is an excellent way to start a collection with a total of 47 different specimens! A superb collection for the amateur collector and a great value. To see a larger photo and find out more about the Mega Collection go to ourMega Collection page.
Item#: MCL Price: $27.95

Identifying Rocks Kit Identifying rocks kit
This kit includes 15 different rocks & minerals that you must identify. Identify the rocks by hardness, color, texture, granule size and type, magnetism, odor, etc...This set is a ready made science project. Perfect for science fairs, school projects, and anyone with an interest in geology. For more information visit our Identifying Rocks page.
Item#: IDR         Price: $9.95

Gold Strike! Panning Kit gold pans, gold panning, gold panning kit
Catch the fever of the gold rush as you pan out real nuggets of Gold, Silver, Copper, and Hematite. Learn to identify these precious metals and how to find them in the field. Each kit is guaranteed to have at least one real Gold Nugget! To see a larger photo and find out more about this great educational and fun kit go to ourGold Panning page.
Item#: GST Price: $12.95

Student Sample Bags
Bags of some of our most interesting natural wonders perfect for use as gifts or hands-on study aids. Click the links for pictures and more information.
Item Price Item Price
Bag of 20 Dinosaur Bone Fossils $11.99 Bag of 20 Shark Tooth Fossils $10.99
Bag of 20 Petrified Wood Fossils $9.95 Bag of 20 Floating Pumice Rocks $9.95
Bag of 20 Magnetic Lodestones $13.00 Bag of 20 Fool's Gold Nuggets $7.95

Premium Specimens
Large, high grade, collector quality specimens of fossils, rocks, and minerals including Shark teeth, Trilobites, Dinosaur Bone, Magnetite, Geodes, Quartz Crystals, etc...To see pictures and find out more information about these items see our Premium Fossils and Premium Rocks pages.
Premium Fossils Premium Rocks & Minerals
Large high grade Fossils including Trilobites, Dinosaur Bone, and Shark Teeth. Large high grade Rocks & Minerals including Magnetite, Geodes, Amethyst etc...

Magnifying Glass
Study your ants up closer with a 4X Magnifying Glass.
Item#: MAG Price: $4.95

rock cleaning brush Specimen Cleaning Brush
For collecting your own specimens a cleaning brush is useful to brush away dirt and clean up your fossils or minerals.
Item#: BRU Price: $1.95

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